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Manage employee email signatures. Turn them into ad space.

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Email signature marketing crash course

Brand Marketing

Make your brand pop

Look the part in emails to customers, prospects, leads & more with central management of EVERY signature

take opportunities

Boost traffic & conversions

Get your content, offers, events & more in front of your target audience - right where your competitors can’t go

Mailtastic Experts

Create incisive campaigns

Serve up relevant content to different audiences and streamline your messaging with real-time analytics

Marketing heaven

Get millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and hundreds of untapped conversions

In many companies, handwritten emails are seen more often than the website. An employee generates an average of 2000 impressions of his emails per month. With 100 employees, this means 2.4 million opportunities per year to promote your advertising messages.

Your inbox is like your home; you guard who has access closely. Your customers feel the same. Develop and strengthen your personal relationship with personalization so you get invited in.

The recipient processes your email in the context of his or her work – in other words, his or her mindset is geared to the business relationship with you and cognitively open to all content in this subject area.

How often do you have the opportunity to be the only advertising message on the viewer's screen? Completely independent of competitors (in contrast to Facebook or Linkedin news feeds, Google search results, etc.), your email is a marketing channel you can count on – also in the future. The independent medium provides you with a constantly high reach, solely due to the number of employees in your company.

Marketing heaven

Get millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and hundreds of untapped conversions


Your average team member sends 40 emails a day. If you have 200 employees and there are 220 working days in a year, that’s 1.76 million opportunities to promote your content. Even with modest click-throughs and conversions, that’s HUGE.


Tailored messaging is a key part of the modern B2B marketer’s arsenal. So start using email signature banners to target the pain points of different audience groups.


Use signature banners to upsell to loyal customers who want more from your product or service.


No-one can raise prices for ad space or outbid you for a keyword on a channel you OWN.

Reel in your readers


"Email communication as a marketing channel is extremely important. Through Mailtastic we can now use this potential even better for ourselves. From a technical point of view, Mailtastic was easy to implement. Customers now always receive our latest messages, without the signature handling that would usually be needed."

Robin Igramhan

Robin Igramhan

Online Marketing Specialist 

Desoutter GmbH

Next-level campaign banners

Email signatures that land like a Tyson Fury right hook.

Personalise campaigns based on the sender or recipient.

personalized marketing

Finetune winning campaigns and ditch dead weights

Use Mailtastic analytics to measure engagement through impressions, click-through rate & more.

Get an accurate picture of the performance and interaction of your marketing messages, recipients and campaigns. Use insights to identify new audiences, deliver more relevant offers, and increase conversion.

Dashboard Marketing Mailtastic

Amp up your ABM with Mailtastic Target

Use your company's email communication to take your B2B marketing to a new level.

  • Run hyper-personalised campaigns for different audience segments, email lists & more
  • Track content interactions in real time and create a springboard for new business.
  • Get detailed insight on user behaviour and preferences
E-Mail-Signatur-Marketing Account Based Marketing Mailtastic

"Mailtastic clearly summarises our complex structures and enables us to use uniform signatures with target group-based campaigns. These have met with a very positive response from our employees, but above all also from our customers. In addition, the data evaluation helps us to better understand the needs of our customers."

Manuel Meier Mailtastic

Manuel Meier


Schenker Storen AG

Your most straightforward marketing channel

  • Control every department’s email signatures in one platform
  • Navigate without stress in our user-friendly interface
  • Integrate with any email provider you like
Dashboard Mailtastic

Hit the upgrade button on your email signatures


Schedule Campaigns

Get ahead of the curve by setting campaign activation dates and time limits

Live Campaigns

Real-time updates

Instant deployment of new signature banners

Click Alert E-Mail-Signatur-Marketing

Push notifications

Audience interaction alerts keep you in the know

Reporting E-Mail-Signature-Marketing


Keep on top of campaign performance


No IT dependence

End-to-end campaign banner design management within the platform

Development E-Mail-Signature-Marketing

Regular product updates

New feature releases to improve your experience

updates Mailtastic

Retroactive banner updates

Display your latest campaign in old emails

Gif Campaigns

Animated GIFs

Include visuals that make a mark

Account Based Marketing E-Mail-Signature-Marketing

ABM Ready

Integrate email signature marketing  into your account-based strategy

Customer success is our thing

Our team of email signature whizzes is there to make your experience plain sailing.

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