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7 Tips on how to benefit from email signature marketing in e-commerce


In recent years, email signatures have increasingly developed into a marketing channel with which companies can generate more attention, impressions or clicks. There is hardly an area in marketing that could not be supported by the inconspicuous text section at the foot of the email. B2B marketing is also increasingly discovering the possibilities of email signature marketing.

Whether it's a reference to a new blog post or a specific product or a reference to vacancies in the company or trade fair participation - the email signature helps you to get your messages across to the right recipients.

This benefits not only service providers, but also retailers. You can find out how in our following 7 tips for the trade.

1. Test how your customers react to your products

Before you launch a new product, you want to know if your customers accept it and are interested in it. With an eye-catching banner in your signature that promotes your new product, you can quickly see whether the product is interesting for your customers or not: If your banner gets a high click rate, you know you have a winner. If not, you know that you still have to change something about the product or the presentation in order to arouse the interest of your customers.

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2. Sell more of your products

The heart and soul of any trade is of course product sales - and email marketing can support you in all aspects: You can use an eye-catching advertising banner in your e-mail signature:

  • ​Sell more of your bestsellers
  • Get more attention for your less popular products
  • Support the sale of certain products
  • Offer additional cross-selling products
  • Offer higher-quality products within the framework of upselling

But even beyond direct sales, e-mail signature marketing can help you in retail. You can read more about how.

3. Win social media fans

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If you want to build a lasting relationship with your website visitors, it is essential to build a newsletter. This is the only way you can maintain a relationship with your website visitors after they have left your site. The bond becomes even stronger if you can encourage your customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter & Co. Again, you can benefit from email signature marketing: With an attractive banner you can encourage your recipient to follow you in the social media and thus continuously increase your following.

4. Get positive product reviews

References and positive evaluations are the fuel for sales: they help you to win and strengthen the trust of your customers. And if you sell your products e.g. on Amazon, positive reviews also help you to get better positioning in the search results. However, most customers need "reminders" to really give their reviews. With a banner in your signatures you remind your interlocutors again and again to give positive reviews for you - and thus support the sale of your products.

5. Increase brand awareness for your brand and products

People buy from brands they know. This is true for all industries and sectors, but it is particularly obvious in retail. So if you want more sales, it is essential for you to increase your brand awareness. Your e-mail signature can also help here: With an attractive image in your signature, you can communicate a clear picture of your company, its products and values and increase your brand awareness in the long term.

6. Offer your recipients additional product information

Not everything you can say about your product has to be on the homepage. Especially detailed and detailed product descriptions are not interesting for all your visitors. They are more suitable for those visitors who are about to make a purchase decision. Your e-mail signature can also help you in this situation. Here you can link detailed information about your products - when you know that your recipient is ready.

7. Let your customers speak for themselves

Last but not least, a tip that you can combine with all of the above: Include customer statements about your product and let your customers speak for themselves in the signature. And with a profile picture of the customer in your signature, you attract even more attention to your banner (because photographs of people usually attract more attention).


As you can see, the email signature offers the company many opportunities in the trade to make your brands even better known and to promote the sale of their products. You will really benefit from this if you can measure the clicks on your advertising banners with click and impression accuracy. And if you want to try out several of these tips at once, you should be able to assign different banners to your individual employees and departments. With Mailtastic you can try out all the tips mentioned without any problems.

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