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Email signature marketing basics (plus ROI calculator)

email signature marketing

Thousands of targeted ad impressions, ramped up lead generation and free money. These are just a few of the lauded benefits of email signature marketing. 

But what data underpins this? And is email signature marketing really worth your investment? Well, our calculator is here to help you answer these questions and find out whether it's a B2B marketing hack worth using.

The basics

What is email signature marketing?

email signature marketing

Email signature marketing allows companies to use employee email signatures as ad space. Through banners, animation and text, email signature marketing drives traffic to relevant content and offers on your site. It also improves brand consistency with automatic company-wide updates to email signatures.

What are email signature marketing platforms?

Email signature marketing platforms give marketers centralised access to every employee email signature. This means they can send targeted ads to segmented audiences. Here, they can measure campaign analytics like click-through rate (CTR) to determine campaign success. This allows them to optimise future messaging and increase conversions.

Do email signature tools do the same thing?

Email signature tools have been around for some time. Though users can manually change banners and ads, campaigns can’t dynamically change to meet the needs of segmented audiences. That’s because APIs aren’t enabled.

It’s also challenging to track the ROI of email signature tools. Even UTM codes don’t provide visibility on impressions vs CTR, meaning users can’t track the quality of their campaigns. Further limitations include:

  • Poor usability. Technical expertise is required to update email signatures. 
  • Single system functionality. Tools don’t work with multiple email systems.
  • No focus on customer success. Email signature tool providers focus on tech support.

Who can benefit from this B2B marketing hack?

Statista estimates that 306.4 billion emails are sent every day. That means anyone can realise the benefits of this emerging B2B marketing tactic. But larger companies are likely to see greater ROI. After all, the more emails you send, the more ad space you can leverage. That means more impressions, click-throughs and conversions. 

Calculating ROI

Is email signature marketing a safe investment?

Leveraging email signatures as a B2B marketing channel makes total sense. You own your company emails. That means free ad space. Nobody can raise prices or bid higher than you for a search term. So any investment you make won’t be lost down a Google Ad sinkhole.

With email signature marketing, senders can leverage strong personal relationships with recipients to drive open rates, CTRs and conversions. This brand of hyper-personalised advertising is much harder to achieve with targeted ads. 

And in cases of cold outreach, a tailored email signature ad reinforces your key messages. An interactive CTA leaves the recipient under no illusions about what the next step in their buyer journey is.

How much could email signature marketing campaigns be worth?

Now it's time to move onto the numbers. But instead of thinking about cold outreach, let’s think about the emails employees send to known contacts. 

Here’s an example. A company has 300 employees. On average, their employees send 15 emails to known contacts per day. There are 220 working days per year. So 300 x 15 x 220 = 990,000 emails per year.

As we’re talking about known contacts, the recipient is likely to open the email multiple times. Let’s say 2.5 times on average. 990,000 emails multiplied by an open rate of 2.5 is 2,475,000 impressions.

The CTR for these impressions is 0.5%. 0.5% of 2,475,000 is 12,375 clicks.

If there’s a 3% conversion rate on those clicks, that’s 371.25 conversions. And if the average conversion is worth £100, that’s £37,125 in untapped annual revenue.

For SMBs and large corporates, these returns are simply too good to turn down. 

(N.B. calculations made according to Mailtastic data)

Real-world stats

To give you an idea of how this looks in reality, we’ve broken down some of our customers’ results with Mailtastic.

  • Cognism increased webinar sign-up conversion rates by 25%, generated hundreds of new leads through eBook campaigns and improved company-wide email click through rates by 10%

In fact, the B2B prospecting solution was so convinced of the benefits of email banner ads that it decided to purchase Mailtastic in May 2020.

  • Desoutter used Mailtastic to drive traffic to a service portal where customers could reorder spare parts. 90% of traffic to it came through email signature marketing

The industrial tool supplier also increased marketing campaign reach and website visits while gaining greater brand consistency.

  • Kaiser+Kraft gets four clicks on email signature banners per employee per month 

With their workforce of 1,100 employees, the German wholesale giant could realise £158,400* in untapped ad revenue thanks to email signature marketing. (*example figure)

Email signature marketing: Key takeaways

  • The B2B marketing tactic has a greater impact for large companies
  • Platforms can unlock hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of additional revenue
  • Email signature tools have far reduced functionality by comparison

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