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How to attract visitors of your content marketing with your email signature

Content Marketing

Content marketing is still the biggest trend in marketing. And also in the long run no change is to be expected: If you want to effectively address your customers today, you have to provide them with interesting and attractive content.

But no matter how diligently many companies create content - one question is often overlooked: How do you actually distribute your content and how do you reach the right people for whom it could potentially be interesting?

In the following article, you will find an answer to this question and also find out why the e-mail signatures of your employees can be a great help in your content distribution.

SEO remains popular - but is it also the right tool for content marketing?

When it comes to content sharing, most companies rely on SEO. An understandable decision: As a study from 2015 shows, visitors and websites continue to find each other mainly via search engines - as much as 51 percent of all website traffic is said to be caused by search engines. Of course, it makes sense to focus on search engine optimization as a visitor source in content marketing as well.

And this is certainly the right choice for many aspects of content marketing. For example, if you write a big blog post. Since a blog post has a lot of text, it is always worth optimizing it for the search engines. But does this apply to all types of content and does it make sense to gear your entire content marketing strategy to SEO?

Not all areas of content marketing benefit equally from SEO

In fact, when it comes to content distribution, SEO is not the perfect solution in all cases. A small help is, for example, if you offer your content for download on landing pages. The problem is that the landing page only consists of a few sentences that are meant to motivate you to download - this is far too little for a good Google placement. In addition, there are only a few search queries that focus on case studies, white papers and similar content.

Now many companies solve this problem by linking from the SEO content to the landing pages (e.g. in the sidebar or as a pop-up). However, these are additional hurdles - the readers must first get to your corresponding page and become aware of your additional content there. And then you also have to click. So it takes a while until you can distribute the content on your landing pages via SEO.

In content marketing, email signature marketing is a good complement to SEO ...

So why not support the content distribution process by leading readers directly to the content you want to promote? One option would be to include an eye-catching banner in your company's email signature that links to your content. The advantage: As soon as you have integrated the banner, the new visits can begin - after all, every recipient of your e-mails (or that of your employees) sees that you have a new piece of content.

So you can support your SEO for content marketing with email signature marketing. Especially attractive: With an attention-grabbing banner you can attract visitors for all your content pieces and forms.

... and helps you find out what kind of content your target audience is really interested in

In addition, e-mail signature marketing also helps you with your content strategy. For example, you can quickly find out which types of content your target group is particularly interested in. This is very easy: Simply use different headlines in your banner and then look at which headline was clicked more frequently.

So you don't have to purchase any paid Conversion Optimization tools and you don't have to change anything on your website.

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E-mail signature marketing is suitable for all forms of content marketing

There is hardly a content form that cannot benefit from email signature marketing. Of course, we can't go into every single form, because that would go beyond the scope. But of course we have room here for the most important forms of content:

Case Studies

This content form helps you to build trust because it tells success stories. And it is precisely this trust and credibility that you can use in a variety of situations. Whether you're emailing customers, partners or prospects, it's almost always worth referring to your case studies in your email signature.

White Papers

A white paper deals exhaustively with a certain question that is burning on the soul of your customer and, of course, provides an answer to this question right away. Unlike case studies, white papers are not of equal interest to every contact. That's why it makes sense to integrate the signature banner for the white paper only with certain employees - namely with those who have contact with the people for whom the white paper offers a solution.

Of course, this is not easy in many companies and often requires IT support. The situation is different if you use Mailtastic: With Mailtastic, you can easily assign different signatures to different departments - usually without IT support. This way, you can win clearly targeted readers for your white paper.

Visual Content

Your CEO was interviewed by a magazine and you want as many people as possible to watch the video? One of your developers gave a presentation at an IT conference? You shot an elaborate commercial? In all these situations, you can use email signature marketing to get even more views for your videos. Of course, this applies to all types of visual content.

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If you use a special email signature marketing solution such as Mailtastic, you also have the option to showcase your email signature by inserting an attractive advertising banner in the signature that refers to your visual content.

You get the most out of it by, for example, setting small parts of your video in scene as GIF. In this way, you can make recipients curious about your video with your signature by showing them what to expect.

Email signature marketing provides you with comprehensive support for your content distribution - no matter which traffic sources you are already using for your content marketing. In order to benefit optimally from email signature marketing, it is worth using a professional solution such as Mailtastic.

In conclusion

If you want to promote a particular piece of content, you can place an eye-catching banner in the signature of those employees who are most likely to communicate with people who might be interested in that content. And, of course, you can then see exactly how many visitors clicked on your banner. So why wait any longer? You can try Mailtastic free of charge and without obligation!

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With Mailtastics signature advertising, you can quickly and easily post campaign banners and see which content is particularly exciting for your customers.

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