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Interview: KAISER+KRAFT about working with Mailtastic

Evamaria Löschmann

Our interview partner:

KAISER+KRAFT is Europe's leading B2B mail order company for business, warehouse and office equipment. The company offers its customers an extraordinarily versatile range of over 60.000 products for business, transport, storage, the environment and the office: from simple sack trucks to desks to workshop cranes and complete office containers. In addition to its extensive product range, KAISER+KRAFT offers a high-performance service package. Professional advice, fast delivery, minimum guarantees on all items and, if required, assembly, repair and maintenance work make KAISER+KRAFT an indispensable one-stop shop for every company. The KAISER+KRAFT Group is represented by companies in 18 European countries and is a member of the TAKKT Group. 

We interviewed Evamaria Löschmann, Online Country Manager at KAISER+KRAFT, and talked about the introduction and handling of Mailtastic.

Mailtastic: How did the introduction of Mailtastic go?

Evamaria Löschmann: The look & feel of the platform was simple and clear, which was one of the reasons why we decided to use Mailtastic. We managed the implementation together with the IT, the legal department and the works council. The onboarding itself went quite well - there were rather internal problems due to different locations and technical equipment.
If we had any questions, Mailtastics support was able to help us quickly and our problems were solved. All in all, we had a positive impression with the communication, not least because Mailtastic is a German provider with servers in the EU.

Evamaria Löschmann KAISER+KRAFT

Evamaria Löschmann, Online Country Managerin at KAISER+KRAFT

What happened after the introduction of Mailtastic?

The introduction of Mailtastic was well received by all employees, as signature management now runs at a central point and no one has to take care of the correct display themselves anymore. That was an absolute quick win. Our customers also like our uniform appearance. In the long run, we are confident that the automation and readability of the signature banners will have an impact on our sales.

How do you use signature banners?

We have a "Product of the Month" that we promote every month on all our marketing channels. Before we started using Mailtastic, all employees had to manually apply the banner in their signatures. Now we can guarantee the correct display of the banners and the employees save time. This has had a noticeable effect on the reach of our campaign.

What are your first results with Mailtastic?

Mailtastic is easy to use, it works super fast. We haven't been using it for a long time, but were able to generate additional orders with Mailtastic shortly after it was launched. For all employees and departments we generate about 4 clicks on signature banners per month per employee. Whereby we see from the evaluations that of course more clicks are generated in sales than e.g. in accounting. We are confident that we will increase these results in the future by using further campaigns.


Who selects the campaigns?

We in the marketing department create new banners and determine, in close consultation with the respective departments, which banners are most useful for whom. Nevertheless, our employees have the possibility to choose between several signatures in order to play out even more targeted and individual content.

How much time do you invest in Mailtastic?

The integration and a short training of the employees was a little time-consuming in the initial phase. Now that everything is done and working, there isn't too much to do anymore - creating a new employee from time to time or exchanging a campaign. But fortunately, that's done quickly.

Many thanks for the interview at KAISER + KRAFT!

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