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Team-Introduction: Dirk

Dirk Althaus Mailtastic

Every day our team works hand in hand to make our customers even more successful with Mailtastic. As a continuation of our team presentation series we present today our sales hero Dirk Althaus.

What is your role at Mailtastic?

Dirk: At Mailtastic I work in the Sales Development Team. My tasks include the acquisition of new customers as well as the product presentation in live demos.

Why are you at Mailtastic?

For me the customer proximity and my development together with Mailtastic is important. As a young, dynamic company, Mailtastic also offers instructive insights into everyday sales activities.
In general, I enjoy surprising the employees of other companies and giving them fresh new ideas. In addition, the positive feedback from all sides confirms that I am in a good mood to go to work every day.

What does Mailtastic mean for you?

Mailtastic for me means an authentic and positive atmosphere in which the "work" in work-life balance becomes obsolete. It is especially nice when the positive feeling spills over to the customers.
Mailtastic simply means having fun working and experiencing progress!

What makes Mailtastic special?

Mailtastic is an innovative product whose scope and possibilities many marketers are not yet aware of. The special thing is to make this supposedly ordinary channel of the self-written email effective in advertising!
In addition, the team is special - somehow the leaders have managed to put together a good chemistry among the employees.

What is the best thing about the Mailtastic team?

The really best thing about the Mailtastic team is the open-minded and energetic atmosphere!

What does your desk look like?

Everything at right angles to each other. No empty bottles. No food leftovers. Some old magazines to put the monitor up. Frayed notes printed with guidelines. All in all fantastic!

What's the first thing you do when you get to the office?

I check whether everything is still at right angles to each other 🙂

With whom would you like to drink a glass of wine?

With Roger Whittaker, I'd like some flavor!

Dirk Althaus Mailtastic

Want to know more about Mailtastic?

In a live demo we, or maybe even Dirk, will present you our platform and show you, which benefits your company can gain from targeted signature marketing!

Dirk Althaus Mailtastic