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Team-Introduction: Julian

Julian Wiebke

Our team works every day to make our customers even more successful through email signature marketing. We want to show who we are in this team presentation series. In this post we introduce our Julian Wiebke.

What is your role at Mailtastic?

Julian Wiebke: I work in Sales Development. My job is to acquire new customers and prepare negotiations in consultation with our Head of Sales. I also take on smaller projects from time to time to support Mailtastic with all my skills.

What makes Mailtastic special?

Mailtastic is a young, rising company. It's very exciting to work on the development, especially because it is the fast growing world of technology. Flat hierarchies create a very pleasant working atmosphere. The team also enjoys spending time together outside of work, from long planned team events to spontaneous after-work evenings.

What does Mailtastic mean for the digital marketing?

In general, digital marketing constantly presents new challenges that we can take on. Mailtastic's software enables other companies to make optimal use of digital marketing in relation to their email signatures. Mailtastic is future-oriented and will continue to offer a modern solution in digital marketing.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I like the customer proximity and the great influence of my work. The working atmosphere is also really ingenious, because everyone supports everyone and if there are problems, you are immediately helped. Approaches are given so that you can work out a solution yourself.

What is the best thing about the Mailtastic team?

In general it is a young team with similar interests. Everyone supports each other and pulls together, there is no competition. Also in private everyone gets along well with each other and the team spirit is constantly promoted through various employee events.

What does your desk look like?

My workplace is very tidy and contains only the essentials. This includes my laptop, a separate screen, mouse, keyboard, and my headset. In addition, of course, always a bottle of water. Occasionally a snack lands on my desk.

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