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Customer Success – We’ve got your back

We’re the kind of mate who makes you a cuppa and a fry-up after a heavy night out. That means we go the extra mile for every email signature marketing customer.

Customer Success Team

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Our Wingman Credentials

We went through email signature BS so you don’t have to

And we put together a team of email signature whizzes to make your experience smoother than a Morgan Freeman voiceover.

Customer Success

Customer Success Sneak Preview

Customer Success Plans

We get to know each other

We get a feel for what your business is about and what you’re trying to achieve.

Customer Success Strategy

We create a tailored strategy for you

We help you create email signature marketing campaigns that meet your goals. And, of course, we boot your pain points into touch. 'Av it.

Customer Success  Side

We stick around

Once we’ve trained you on Mailtastic, we don’t abandon you. Like a trusty hound, we’re with you through thick and thin.

"I was particularly impressed not only by the user-friendly user interface and the numerous possibilities in the field of e-mail marketing, but also by the fast and competent support of my contacts at all times. Working with Mailtastic was absolutely the right choice for us."

Lisa-Tara Amberge Customer Success

Lisa-Tara Amberge

HR Learning & Development


Customer Success is Our Thing

"I love interacting with our customers and helping them out. They’re so important to our success as a business and we always want to make sure they know that."


Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Team

“Customer success isn’t just about just solving problems. We want our customers to use Mailtastic to help their businesses grow."


Customer Success Manager

De-stress your email signatures

Customer Success Onboarding

Hassle-free onboarding

Our tried and tested onboarding process gets you up and running in the click of a finger.

Technical Support

Top tier tech support

Our customer success team works closely with dedicated IT experts, who can integrate Mailtastic with every system under the sun.

Customer Success knowledge

Always-on training knowledge sharing

To help you get even more out of your subscription, we host best practice and strategy workshops.

Customer Success Services

Hassle-free maintenance

Mailtastic cuts you loose from dependence on design and IT and puts email signature management in your hands. 

Diana Hatzenboeller Customer Success

Let’s get cracking

Get a feel for how Mailtastic could work for you

Diana Hatzenboeller Customer Success