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The Ultimate Email Signature

Management Platform 

Manage every company email signature, create measurable campaigns & supercharge your reach

Global businesses use Mailtastic every day.

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Make your brand pop

Consistent, compliant email signatures that drive traffic to your marketing campaigns

  • Shout about your latest blog, special offer, webinar & more. 
  • Personalise with individual images, icons and colours. 
  • Send every email with the latest privacy disclaimer.
E-Mail-Signature Management

Make email signatures easy 

Whatever your requirements are, Mailtastic helps you engage prospects and reduce hassle

Total control of your brand 

Big businesses span countries and continents. But how do you control your brand’s international comms? With Mailtastic, marketing takes charge over every employee email signature. That means you can achieve total brand consistency, while creating custom campaigns for different roles and locations.

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Cure your email signature headaches

Is your team sending out a tonne of different email signatures? Are you waiting on IT to sort it? Well no more! With Mailtastic, the power is in your hands. In-built compliance and central control of your email signatures means you’ll never have to worry about them again.


A matching signature for every case

Mailtastic offers you simple solutions for the complex requirements of today's professional signature management.

Complex corporate structures

Whether you have various locations or several subsidiaries, Mailtastic controls your complex corporate structures reliably. Create signatures in different languages, signatures for different brands, and much more. 

Multiple signatures per employee

Provide each employee with any number of signatures from which he or she can choose – if desired. This allows the employee to decide for himself which signature is relevant for the recipient, without this deviating optically from the CD.

Easy management

The central signature management saves you having to travel across several departments and enables independent administration from a single point. Save the time and effort of dependencies and define how signatures should look automatically for all employees.

All clients

Mailtastic works with all popular email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.) and many cloud services. You tell us which client you use and we offer you individual onboarding to integrate Mailtastic optimally with you.

You choose, we listen

Smooth integration with the tools you use everyday

  • Gmail, Outlook, iOS & Android integrations
  • ActiveDirectory, CRM, Office 365 & G Suite integrations
  • Optimal display on all devices
Clients Management

"Different research groups, different departments, several signatures per employee, the roles overlap. For us, Mailtastic has made the central signature management of a complex organization very simple."

TU Darmstadt

Sibylle Scheibner

Public Relations

PTW TU Darmstadt

Cool stuff that lets you put your feet up

Smilie easy Signatur Management

Scalable & easy to maintain

Connection Management Mailtastic

Seamless sync with existing data sources 

Auto Sync Signature Management

Integration friendly

always compliant Signature Management

Real-time updates & in-built compliance

updates management Mailtastic

Automatic signature updates keep CTAs timely

Preview Signatur Management

Signature previews mean marketers detect errors before they go live

several signatures Mailtastic

Employees choose from a range of signatures to suit context

see signatures

Employees see the email signature they’re sending

development management mailtastic

Regular software updates & new features

Join up your company email comms

Mailtastic meets the needs of every department

Mailtastic for marketers

Email signatures are free ad space. And employees send thousands of them every day. With Mailtastic, you can unlock this channel, using campaign banners to shout about content, deals & more. Measure impressions vs click-through rate (CTR) to review the success of your campaigns and switch them up at the click of a finger.

Verena Vogt Marketing

Mailtastic for IT

Unshackle your IT team by taking email signatures off their workload. With Mailtastic, As
Marketing and HR can handle our low maintenance, low stress platform. And our team can help out with any technical problems you face. 

Phillip Luma

Mailtastic for managers 

What is more pleasing to the management than if every employee can concentrate on his or her work? Probably when email signature management software becomes a profit center. Mailtastic not only saves you a lot of time, it also opens up a new marketing channel.

Andreas Schroeder

The right solution for all parties

Signatures are an interface topic that has to meet the requirements of different departments. We bring everything into one.

Mailtastic for marketers

For marketers, Mailtastic offers the possibility of setting up and assigning campaigns without further dependencies. In addition, various evaluation options enable them to always have good control over the success of the campaigns.

Mailtastic for IT

As professionals for their own infrastructure, the colleagues from IT are the ideal partner for the implementation of Mailtastic. The technical maintenance effort is close to zero and the colleagues from HR and Marketing can take over without tying up IT resources.

Mailtastic and management

Mailtastic means an enormous work relief for managers. If Mailtastic is integrated, the subject of email signatures runs automatically and there is time again for the actual tasks. Updates can be carried out quickly from a central point.

Mailtastic for the rest

Mailtastic saves the remaining employees a lot of time. Suitable signatures are automatically available at any time and no longer have to be entered manually. A proper appearance now means no more additional effort.

Put email signatures on cruise control

​Easily manage your brand online

Editor Signature Management

Create and manage email signatures using the WYSIWYG editor

Data management mailtastic

Manage employee & department data in a clean interface

processes Signature Management

Say tschuss to email signature stress with simple, structured processes

Team access Signatur Management

Empower marketers to own their newest marketing channel

Dashboard Management

"The overall Mailtastic concept enables us to control signatures in a simple and corporate design-compliant manner, as well as to exploit the marketing potential of each department through campaigns. If questions arise in daily use, they are always solved quickly by the friendly and competent service".

Günter Oberacher Westcam

Günter Oberacher

Head of Marketing and Communications

WESTCAM Datentechnik GmbH

Unleash the power of email

Email is the most important B2B channel. With Mailtastic, you transform every message you send into a traffic generation tool.

Use our signature marketing suite to draw your target groups' attention to new offers, events and other content with signature banners. Use our marketing dashboard to tailor campaigns by audience group and serve up relevant, resonant content.

Dashboard Management
Enterprise ready

Slick, secure and ready for business

​We work with leading companies and tailor Mailtastic to their needs

  • Years of collaboration with top companies
  • Large organisation signature management specialists
  • GDPR-compliant and secure hosting in Europe
  • Workflow automation via API
  • Tech and signature support via chat and phone

We’re a proud service provider

Behind the Mailtastic platform, there’s a helpful team

When you succeed, so do we. Always feel free to reach out to our team of Email Signature Experts who can provide advice, tips and guidance.

Team Mailtastic Signatur Management
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We’re on your team!

Learn how to unlock your newest marketing channel in a personal demo. How you can benefit from our professional signature management solution is presented in an individual demo.

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