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Office 365 Mailtastic Integration

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Signature Mailtastic

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Plug and play integration

Solve your Office 365 signature puzzle

Become a brand emperor with central management of EVERY Outlook 365 signature. Then turn employee emails into free ad space.

Office 365 Integration

End-to-end email signature management for Outlook 365

We went through email signature struggles so you don’t have to

Become independent

Stop relying on design agencies and IT. Start creating and managing your own email signatures with our WYSIWYG editor.

Signatures Mailtastic

Get a handle on your brand

Using your Azure AD, Mailtastic maps email signatures to different locations, sub-brands and languages.


Automate email signatures with O365

Integrate signature management with your Office 365 data infrastructure and keep signatures timely.


Keep signature management under one roof

Multiple admin accesses mean your team can benefit from signature management and marketing.


The 360° email signature management solution

Mailtastic offers you simple solutions for the complex requirements of today's professional signature management.

Professional signatures

With our signature editor, you can create professional, uniform email signatures in your company's corporate design in no time at all. Furthermore they make an optimal impression on every possible device.

Display complex structures

Mailtastic offers you a simple solution for signature management in complex company structures. Multiple locations, brands or languages can be easily mapped based on your Azure AD.

Automatic sync with O365

Your signature management can be fully aligned with your Office365 data structure. The Sync ensures that the desired O365 users are always equipped with the correct signatures and that all data is always up-to-date.

Easy administration

All participants receive access to signature management and marketing. Our platform is designed in a very user-friendly dashboard so tasks can be done easily and in a short time without any complications.

Rerouting Mailtastic Office 365
Rerouting Mailtastic Office 365
Rerouting Mailtastic Office 365

Silky integration

1) Emails sent by employees are routed to your Exchange Online.

2) Exchange Online routes emails to our European Azure servers hosted within the Microsoft Office 365 Data Center.

3) We add the correct employee email signature before the email is delivered via Exchange Online. 

1) Install Mailtastic’s EasySync desktop app. This ensures every team member has access to the latest signature.

2) Give your team access to several signatures if needed. 

3) Your team sees the signature they’re using on Outlook before hitting send.

1) Combine server and client-side integration to give your team freedom. They can either choose different signatures or set to default via EasySync.

2) Your teams emails are forwarded to Exchange Online. Then they’re routed from European Azure servers, which are hosted within the Microsoft Office 365 Data Center.

3) We add the email signature to your team’s email before it reaches the recipient

Eine flexible Integration für alle Fälle

Server-side integration


Every email sent by your employees - regardless of which device - is routed to your Exchange Online (1). From your Exchange Online, the email is routed to one of our european Azure servers, which is also hosted within the Microsoft Office 365 Data Center. At this point (2), the appropriate employee's signature is added before the email is delivered to the recipient as usual via your own Exchange Online (3).

Client-side integration

Rerouting Mailtastic Office 365

Our desktop application EasySync is installed on the workstations. This can easily be done centrally for all employees via GPO. EasySync ensures that your employees always have the latest Mailtastic signature available (1). The employee always sees the most current signature when writing the mail in Outlook and can choose between several signatures if desired (2) before sending the email with the desired signature to the recipient (3).

Combined Integration

Rerouting Mailtastic Office 365

You can easily combine server-side and client-side integration to combine the advantages of both methods. Through our desktop application EasySync, the employee can choose between different email signatures and see the signature when writing the email (1). After sending - regardless of which device - the email is forwarded to your Exchange Online (2). From your Exchange Online, the email is routed to one of our european Azure servers, which is also hosted within the Microsoft Office 365 Data Center. At this point (3), the appropriate signature will be added, if not already available, before the email is delivered to the recipient as usual via your own Exchange Online (4).

"We are working with Office 365 and the integration of Mailtastic was without any problems. The daily operation also functions smoothly. Should any questions or difficulties arise, they are solved quickly and satisfactorily by the support team."

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Jonas Uebbing

Director Business Support

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Quick fire Office 365 x Mailtastic benefits

start mailtastic

Straight off the mark

Set up Mailtastic x Office 365 integration in a few clicks

assignment Mailtastic Office 365

Fully automated signatures

New Office 365 users automatically receive the appropriate email signatures

automatic Signatures

No fuss

Office 365 user data generates email signatures

up to date Office 365

GDPR compliant

Office 365 users always comply with data rules and regs

rule based

Different signatures for different departments

​Cater to segmented audiences with tailored Office 365 signatures

multiple signatures

Multi signatures

Allow team members to choose the best signature for their context


Clean display

Keep signatures up to scratch in every email program


Air-tight security

Keep your data on lockdown with secure servers in Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

see signatures

Signature previews

Your team sees the signature they’re sending

Your most straightforward marketing channel

Use employee email signatures as ad space

Target audience segments with email banners shouting about your content, events, products & more. Then track campaign impressions and click-through rates, boost your messaging and increase conversions.

dynamic Dashboard

Recipient and sender-based banners

Let marketing automate your messaging to segmented audiences. Or give employees the power to choose from multiple signatures to fit their context.

Signatures Office 365

See the whole picture

Measure campaign KPIs and hone your messaging to ramp-up conversions.


ABM with Mailtastic Target

Target customer segments, email lists and leads with specific messaging.


Central control

Manage and update every employee email banner from one interface.


Email signature marketing with Mailtastic

The most effective way to use the Mailtastic marketing suite.

Personalized banner campaigns

You can generate the maximum attention by always playing the perfect signature banner campaign that best suits the recipient's needs.

Precise data analysis

Measure all campaign parameters and get an accurate picture of performance, use your insights to identify new audiences, deliver more relevant offerings, and increase conversion.

Target group management

Transform your customer segments, lead lists, user groups etc. into Mailtastic target groups. Switch targeted campaigns and generate new insights about your contacts and their interests.

Central management

Mailtastic offers a central platform for using employee email communication as a marketing channel. Without time delays or dependencies on other parties in the company.

One platform, all parties, full control

Solve the problem of “email signatures” simply and centrally via our online platform

Editor Signature Management

Create and manage professional, consistent, and compliant email signatures for your entire organization.

user-friendly Signatures

User-friendly web interface and simply structured processes for fast, uncomplicated work


Easy connection to Office 365 + automation of all processes based on Office 365 user data

own access

Independent of IT by means of own access for marketing and HR

Dashboard Management EN
Enterprise ready

The answer to your email signature prayers

Hit the upgrade button on your Office 365 signatures

  • Big brands trust us
  • Office 365 integration fits like a glove
  • GDPR compliant
  • Workflow automation via API

Customer Success

Our team has your back

Our goal is to make your life easier. That’s why Mailtastic cuts you loose from dependence on design and IT and puts email signature management in your hands. And we help you out whenever you need it. Just send us a message.

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