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Case Study

CaseStudy Desoutter
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Find out how Desoutter Industry-tools achieved 90% of traffic via email signature for their new service portal. Online Marketing Specialist Robin Igramhan explains.

Case Study

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Mailtastic is now one of Cognism's top 3 channels after achieving some powerful results. They use their email signature campaigns to deliver personalised content based on persona targeting.

Case Study

Spindler Mailtastic
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Spindler uses Mailtastic primarily to market additional services and to create demand among customers. Personalised campaigns convey the message without wastage.



In the KAISER+KRAFT B2B Group, CD-compliant signatures are valued internally and externally. The use of banner campaigns has also already achieved positive results.

Case Study

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Through targeted banners, Güldner draws the attention of its existing customers to the product range that goes beyond special screws and thus generates further sales.

Case Study


Suthor achieves a sensational conversion rate with Mailtastic, beating other channels by far. In the meantime, Mailtastic has become one of the most important channels for them.


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Use our e-book "In 10 steps to a professional signature banner" to learn how to enhance your success by systematically designing your banners with examples of various campaigns.

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Avoid 5 Mistakes
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Especially when creating you first signature marketing strategy, you should pay attention to traps. We collected the 5 biggest mistakes and point out how to avoid them. (Written in German)

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